Zutalleo Front

Toon zutalleo

Toon Zutalleo

Zutalleo is Zuteegee's and Zaramellio's brother and was created generally the same way as Zuteegee except that he became a perfect Zalleo clone at first. Zuteegee then gave him SuperDNA, making him Zutalleo. He, along with Zxalleo and his brother Zaramellio, is an honorary member of The Rainbow Zeegees. During the Fakezee War, Zutalleo was Zxalleo's right-hand-man, a major general of the Fakezalleos. When Zuteegee went to Fakezee Prison, Zutalleo tried numerous times to bail him out but Zuteegee was to be held for life. Later, he got on Zooteegee's body and killed Zooteegee. He is dressed like Zuteegee, but inestead he is a Zalleo Clone. He is currently enemis with Zutehrioeh.

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