Zulona is the wife of Zortran. She gave birth to Zalleo, and was queen of the United 'Zees Universe prior to Zortan's resignation. Zulona disappeared one day, so Zalleo and Zeegee never grew up with her and only met 18 times. Recently, they found a note writen by Zulona that said: "SHE IS ALIVE"

What she likesEdit

◾Murdering her enemies ◾Paychecks ◾Seeing her enemies and KILLING them ◾Battles ◾Murdering Zeach. :3 ◾Hurting her enemies

What and Who she hatesEdit ◾Zario ◾Zeach ◾Zaisy

Her powers ◾She has the ability to give some people seizures ◾Murdering ◾Using fingers for paycheck ◾Using fingers for revenge ◾Using fingers for thanks

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