Zonroe is the long lost brother of Zalleo. He was Zortran's first born son. When Zalleo was born, Zonroe

Zonroe as of 2014

Zmeegee 2.0

Younger Zonroe

ran away because he was convicted of conspiring against his father. He was fifteen at the time of Zalleo's birth. He went to the United 'Gees Universe to hide from the Zee Agents. 5 years after he ran away, he founded the Zo Zun Zaia. He then formed the Zelor Zepublic within the Zelor ztar cluster. It was a democratic ztar system with Zugaku being the current president. When Zalleo was thirty years old, Zortran told him that he had an older brother that ran away. Zonroe is still the Overlord of the Zo Zun Zaia, but his identity is a secret to the younger members.

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