"Say What?"

"ZeEgei..... wE melt fur tre furst tiym fort though larst tiym..."

Zeegree was once an ordinary Zeegee clone, but was a victim of The Great FFR Flood, and was mutated into a Greezeature. Now he could only say two words: "Say What?" (Pathetic, ain't it?). He was learning French until someone blew up his "French for Dummies" book. After many years of traveling the universe, he can speak many languages (except French), though his words come out distorted. It has been said that he has 6 brothers. He was adopted by Zeegee Clone #100. He also created the Zeegree Universe, but after that, he lost a great amount of power.

Somehow, he, along with his brother Zgralleo, survived the Zeature War, and eventually caused the Pure White Destruction by Caramell Dansen.

Zeegree has the ability to shapeshift, and can change into many different forms. So far, 4 forms have been spotted... there is, however, a rumor about an "Invisible Zeegree".

Zeegree has done many things. Just to name a few, he has:

  • Nearly ended the Zeature War
  • Bit off Army Zrawphysaur's head
  • Blown up a tank with only his fists
  • Become very powerful
  • Transformed a few times
  • Installed an evil doorbell that has claimed 21 victims so far
  • Become enemies with You (also known as Text_will_be_replace_with_username)

As a child... Well, he was just an average Zeegee clone back then.... As an adult, the only friends he has are Zeatures, so he has a sad, sad life. But he is a cold-blooded killer, so he doesn't care. NO ONE dares not agree with him, because if they did, they would not be knowing who they are dealing with. But one Zeature, named Zleegee, did not agree with him... he's dead now.

Sometimes Zeegree goes to parties, gladly not killing anyone there. Once in a while, he goes to a club or a bar and has a drink or two. His favorite food is KFC, his favorite hobby is (obviously) killing people, his favorite show is GV Shopping Channel (he just looks for chainsaws). His favorite family member is Zgeach, the Fire Flower-ated version of Zeach. He has his own army called the Zriigiiz.

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