Chapter 1Edit

Zeegee:mom why am i getting adopted?

Zashesh:i dont k- (gets killed)

Zeegee:hey freak!

Papa Zeegee:im going to die too so dont worry about me

Zeegee sets out to find Zawheeo

Zawheeo:i will miss you

Chapter 2Edit

Zortran finds Zeegee

Zeegee:where is this place

Zortran and Zalleo:this is your new home

Zeegee:i want to get home with my father now ok?

Zortran:im sorry you cant because hes dieing

Papa Zeegee gets killed at his house

Zalleo:dont worry you will be fine here

Zagamiicho:rotten tooth?

Zaperio ends up nowhere

Zeegee thinks of Zaperio and Zagamiicho

Chapter 3Edit

Zortran:oh its bloody these days

Zalleo:were you warned?

Zortran:just a joke

Zeegee:ummmmm cant we start the tea now?

Zagamiicho:well why didnt you say so

To Be Continued

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