Zeedee is Zeegee's 2nd Brother and is not as powerful as Zeegee, but he is almost as powerful has him. He is also friends with Zoeegee, Zuneegee, Zexuigee, Zexeegee, the Zawesome Faces, Zuteegee, and alot of other zeatures. His counterpart is Demon Zeegee, his pure evil form when Demon Zord infected him. All of his attacks are the same as Zeegee's and Zalleo's, except for the Zeegee Virus and Stone Flower. His most powerful attack is Zeedee Domination which can mind control any enemy for a few seconds. Zeedee is enemies with Zqeegee and has battled him. Zeedee has 15 Demon forms, this normal state does not count due to this not being an evil form of Zeedee.

Demon Zeegee

Demon Zeegee is Zeedee's counterpart, Demon Zord (Zeegee's Arch Enemy) poisoned him in the eyes turning him evil, he was reverted back into his original form once Demon Zord returned to the overworld. He never died off, even when Zeedee was turned back to normal.

Giga Zeedee

Giga Zeedee is a form that Zeedee constantly use, the picture next to this. This form is usually used since it is stronger than his base form. The difference is that his eyes look different and looks a little more detailed. Zeegee also has a Giga form exactly similar to this one.

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