- Zagamiicho

Zagamiicho is the brother of Zortran and the cousin of Zarbon and Zoracuubi. His teeth are grey from eating too many grey lollipops. He also has 2 fingers on one hand and 7 on the other. When he says "Push The Stone Button To Get Rotten", he makes someone wither, die, and turn into stone. When he says "Push Select to Zonus!", he makes an abundance of bonus levels out of nowhere. For some reason he also has a version of the Zeegee Virus called the "Zagamiicho Virus". This makes you turn into a Zagamiicho Clone. He was really upset that Zortran didn't make him the ruler of the Zeegeeverse and despises Zeegee because of this, though nobody knows about it. Zagamiicho's rival and clone is Z3gameecho. When Zagamiicho gets mad, he sometimes turns into Toon Zagamiicho. He has joined the A.A.Z.Z.F.



Toon Zagamiicho

Toon Zagamiicho

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