Wazario is a character from the Zario Universe and is rivals with Zario. He is considered a kind of counterpart to Wazalleo. He is brothers with Wazuigi, who is a famous figure in the United 'Zees Galaxy for opposing Zuigi. Though Zalleo is stronger than Zario, Wazario is stronger than Wazalleo. Wazalleo is incredibly obese, yet surprisingly muscular. He has tried to kill Wazalleo on several occasions for unknown reasons. He shot Zeefee. He attempted to attack Zqeegee, but his attempt failed and he was killed by Zqeegee's fire form. He later revived with a 1-Up zushroom. He then came back to try and defeat Zqeegee along with the newly revived Zeemee, and he became Fierce Deity Wazario, the final form of Wazario. They lasted long enough to not get killed again but Zqeegee escaped in the end.

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