Click on me for Hell!-Sawneek is a evil version of Sonic The Hedgehog, he's Sonic's twin created by Dr. Eggman to destroy sonic using his Evilizer Cloning Machine. Sawneek's frenemy is Shedow and he's friend with Malleo and Weegee,but they were once bitter rivals. he can transform into Supah form and a Werehog form for all night. he joined Olimon to scare Squidward Tentacles in his house.

Sawneek runs at about 85% of the speed the real Sonic runs at, so he is at a slight disadvantage in that regard. Unlike Sonic, however, Sawneek also has the power to shoot rings lightning from his index finger. Sawneek is joined by Tails Doll, an evil toy who assists Sawneek in his malevolent endeavors


Click on me for HELL!

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