Meega meen

meeega bustah

evil clone of megamanbut he looks edsacly like him.when he shoots you,you will became meega men.

he also killed robots,not humans.


Weegee,Finngee,Malleo,Proooto Meen,Ice Meen,Cut Meen,Beegee,Jackgee,Finnuiyii,Guiyii,Mawcseline,Ffiiiinnn,Jeik,Bmow,Pwinzezs Babolgaam,Zalleo,Greegee,Bensgee,Quenteegee,Zeegee,any fakegees.

enemies and rivalsEdit

Finn,Megaman,Ceegee,Weenee,Meguh Mayn,Mario,Proto Man,Jake,Finn,Beemo,Squeegee,Luigi(sometimes),Freegee,Zortran.

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