New Malleo

Drawing of Malleo

"Obey Malleo, Destroy Bowser!" not to be confused with Puralleo

"We'll give-a Bowser the old Brooklyn 1-2."

"Eh, Weegee?"

Malleo is the step-brother of Weegee and the son of Fortran. When he says "Fire Flower" he turns things into a Fire Flower, obviously! He also owns a Fire Flower Factory. He is very evil and has destroyed hundreds of thousands of cities on different planets. He also has an army. Malleo is one of the many people who have cartoon or nicknamed form known as toon forms. Malleo was also later thrown into a German prison for no reason, but then escaped.

He also married Daizeh's friend, Paesh and gave birth to Samalleo. He also has a fire version of himself: Fire Malleo.
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Malleo In Weird Major

Malleo in Weird Major